Are pets allowed in condos?

A pet or not a pet?

A pet or not a pet?

Many of us consider pets as a part of our family, and this furry little creature that I encountered during a showing at a downtown Ottawa condo in New Edinburgh over the weekend inspired this topic. There are hundreds of different condo buildings in Ottawa, each with its own identity, owners, board of directors, management, and personality. With every condominium, comes a set of Rules and Bylaws. Here is the basic logic behind the majority of condominium rules and regulations on Pets. Pets are being recognized as a part of many people’s lives in Canadian culture, so condominium corporations must walk a fine line when deciding on Pet policies. For older buildings, they typically have a “cop-out”, they can blame the rules and regulations on their predecessors, but for newer buildings this is not always the case. To generalize the logic behind pet policies, it is simple: You should be allowed to do what you want with your home (including having a pet), as long as it does not impact your neighbours (who you share ownership in the building with). It sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? (Just kidding). There have been countless situations deduced from this logic including “no pets” policies, “no dogs” policies, “no pets that you can’t carry through the common areas” policies, and many policies which include one of my favourite lines from a condo status certificate “no owner shall maintain, keep or shelter any livestock, reptile or foul therein”. To sum this up, most newer condos are recognizing owners right to own and take care of a pet as a part of their family, and are allowing for pets such as cats and dogs as long as they are not a “nuisance” to neighbours. That all being said, make sure to have your real estate agent verify what they pet policies of a building are, and better yet, check it out for yourself. I encourage clients to speak directly to the property manager, building residents and board members to find out how pet friendly your building is. Here in Ottawa, I have seen extremes from “no pets” to very little to no enforcement on pet rules at all.

Travis Gordon is a sales representative with Remax Metro-City Realty Ltd., Brokerage, an experienced Ottawa real estate agent, and co-founder of the Ottawa Condo Guide, a resource for buyers and sellers of condominium properties in Ottawa. Our goal is to help educate buyers and sellers in the Ottawa real estate market, and provide professional advice when helping them buy and sell properties, including Ottawa Condos and Homes.


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